A Shared Network Drive is Not a Knowledge base

Many organizations use a shared network drive has their internal knowledge base. A few employees write documentation with Microsoft Word and then save these files to the shared company network drive.

Then what happens? That documentation never gets read and used. Heck, most of the time nobody knows it’s actually there!

The folder structure makes it hard to find what you’re looking for – you need to know exactly what you’re looking for so you can correctly guess how to traverse the folder hierarchy.

Search is also useless because it won’t search through files content and is extremely slow. So nobody ever finds anything.

A real knowledge base makes it easy to write content and structure it. Then, it all becomes fully searchable and the knowledge base is easy to navigate.

Now, maybe you think that you don’t have the time and expertise to start a knowledge base, that it must involve designers, programmers and the IT department. Timelapse was built with that specific situation in mind, so it just works out-of-the-box. It involves very little configuration so the focus can be put on writing and publishing content.

Just after signing up for Timelapse, your knowledge base is live, searchable and you can start writing your first article. It’s, of course, possible to tweak the style so it fits your brand. And you can pick an accent color, add your logo, add a header background image and pick a layout, but you don’t have to. Or at least, not right away.

The process can be as simple as:

1. Write knowledge base articles

Timelapse tweak

2. Choose an accent color, upload a logo and pick a layout

Timelapse tweak

3. Be up and running with your internal/private knowledge base

Timelapse tweak