Meet Timelapse.

With Timelapse, you can provide a self-help portal to your customers so you can finally stop answering the same questions over and over and save time and energy along the way.

Or, create an internal knowledge base and make sure everyone has access to your organization's knowledge at all time.

You can be up and running with your Help Center in minutes and no need to involve developers or designers.

See what you can do, have a look at our very own Help Center or a few example sites.

30-day free trial

No coding required.

You can be up and running with your Help Center in minutes and there's no need to involve developers or designers. No technical skills are required.

Multiple brands, product lines and help centers from a single account.

Manage multiple brands or product lines with each their own knowledge base from a single Help Center and create multiple Help Centers from a single account.

Search. Find.

Each Help Center gets a powerful search engine with live suggestions as you type.

Multilingual Content.

Support as many languages as you want, create multilingual content and manage what's available and what's not available in each of your supported languages.

A look that matches your brand.

Add your logo, pick an accent color that matches your brand and Timelapse does the rest. No need to involve designers and developers.

Public or private, you pick.

Make your Help Center private for internal use or make it public for everyone to use.

Unlimited Users.

All of our plans come with unlimited users. If your help center is public, invite as many collaborators as you want to feed your knowledge base. If it's private, invite as many members as you want.

Custom domains with SSL.

Every Help Center gets a secure subdomain like acmesupport.timelapsehc.com, but you can use your very own domain if you want.

Check out our Help Center.

Of course, our very own support site is made with Timelapse!

Have a look at our Help Center