Why Every Small Business Needs a Customer Service Knowledge Base

All small businesses face the same challenges related to having limited time, resources and money. While customer service can be quite time consuming, it’s probably the most obvious way to stand out from others operating within the same constraints.

It turns out one of the easiest ways to save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction is to create a Help Center website. Providing a self-help portal to customers allows you to finally stop answering the same questions over and over and save time and energy along the way.

Instead of repeating yourself over and over, you can just write a knowledge base article once and then direct customers to that article. Customers can also help themselves by simply visiting your knowledge base and searching for what they’re looking for.

The Help Center becomes an asset – something you invest in once and increases in value over time with basic maintenance.

Not only does it become an asset, but also a great knowledge transfer tool. As small businesses are not immune to employee turnover, having a support knowledge base ensures knowledge around the company’s products, services, warranties and processes is not lost. It’s much easier to onboard and train a new employee when there’s a well-structured knowledge base in place.

Feel free to have a look at our very own Help Center built with Timelapse for a preview of what your customer service Help Center could look like.