Standalone Knowledge Base

Timelapse is a Knowledge Base Solution, not Help Desk Software.

Timelapse was born out of the simple observation that most organizations, if not all, could benefit from storing and sharing knowledge both internally and externally. Yet, very few companies use knowledge bases because most of the options available are knowledge base second – they’re project management tools with documentation capabilities or multi-channel help desk platforms with a knowledge base option – or they’re full blown communication and knowledge management platforms that require complete organization commitment.

Since you’re here, you’ve probably come to the realization that finding a piece of software that is just a knowledge base, at an affordable price is not that easy.

Most companies charge per agent, because their platform is a help desk platform in the first place. But you don’t need “agents”, you just need a place where you can store knowledge and share it with customers or internally with employees.

Knowledge Base First + Affordable

Timelapse is knowledge base first, meaning that it’s a standalone knowledge base platform, and getting started literally takes seconds. Also, all of our plans come with unlimited users and are affordable, even for small businesses.

So whether it’s to create a digital employee handbook, a HR portal, a marketing team best practice knowledge base or provide a support site to customers, Timelapse is the place for organizations to manage and share knowledge through public and internal knowledge bases.

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