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Easily manage FAQ with Timelapse.

Answer your customers most frequently asked questions and manage them easily with the right FAQ management software.

If you feel like you’re answering the same questions over and over or that you should have a ‘central source of truth’ for all the knowledge around your organisation, products and services, Timelapse can help you with that.

With Timelapse, you can be up and running with a Help Center in just a few minutes. There’s no need to involve designers or developers and no technical skills are required. What this means is that you can start focusing on writing FAQ articles right away, without having to spend time on programming, design and configuration.

Building Your Help Center

Even though it’s best if you already have a list of common questions & answers, you can get started with little content. It’s best to start small and slowly add questions & answers over time rather than thinking of this as a big project.

What you make with Timelapse is not fixed in time. It’s easy to add new topics and articles as well as remove outdated content. You’ll also be able to better understand what content is most popular with your customers and what they search for most frequently, so you can adjust your Help Center accordingly.

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