What You Can Make

You'll find here just a few examples of what's possible to make with Timelapse.


Help Center for Customer Support

Provide a self-help portal to your customers so you can finally stop answering the same questions over and over. Organize your frequently asked questions into topics so they're easy to find or simply let your customers use the search engine.

This demo site is actually our very own Help Center and support site for Timelapse.

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Company or Department Internal Knowledge Base

Create an internal knowledge base and make sure everyone has access to your organization's knowledge at all time.

Use the knowledge base to store procedures, important files and policies. Or, use it as a reference center or a learning center to gather and centralize all the important knowledge around the operations of your company or department.

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Employee Handbook

Consolidate your company's workplace policies, guidelines, expectations and benefits in a Handbook targeted at both new and existing employees.

Having the handbook in a digital format means the handbook is constantly evolving and always up to date with the latest information.

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What will you make with Timelapse?

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