Our Company

The Story

Timelapse was born out of the simple observation that very few organizations use knowledge bases because most of the options available are knowledge base second – they’re project management tools with documentation capabilities or multi-channel service desk platforms with a knowledge base option – or they’re full blown communication and knowledge management platforms that require complete organization commitment.

Knowledge Base First

Timelapse is knowledge base first, meaning that it’s just a knowledge base, and getting started literally takes seconds. So whether it’s to create a digital employee handbook, a HR portal, a marketing team best practice knowledge base or provide a support site to customers, Timelapse is the place for organizations to manage and share knowledge through public and internal help centers.

Fair Pricing

As customers, we don’t like being charged per user, so we don’t do it – all of our plans come with unlimited users. We also don’t buy into putting a price on the number of searches going through our platform, so all plans come with unlimited searches too.

Proudly made inCanada

Timelapse is made by i5 Co. We’re a Canadian company and originally a digital consulting firm.

We take great pride in building tech products outside of the big traditional tech centers and try to carry that identity through our work. Part of that identity is living in a bilingual country, so we make managing multilingual content a top priority and it is at the core of every feature we build. Also, all of our servers are located in Canada and so does your data.


We aim at being a reasonable company – charge a reasonable price, turn a reasonable profit, have reasonable expectations, honour reasonable customer requests and favour long-term gains over short-term benefits.