How to create a Knowledge Base Without Coding or Design Skills

Creating a knowledge base or a help center doesn’t have to be hard. More specifically, it should be possible to start such project without involving programmers, designers or the IT department.

A knowledge base is a content-first project, so most of your time should be invested in structuring and creating relevant content.

That’s the philosophy behind Timelapse – provide a solid technological foundation that works out-of-the-box and involves very few configuration so the focus can be put on writing and publishing content.

Just after signing up for Timelapse, your knowledge base is live, searchable and you can start writing your first article.

It’s possible to tweak the layout so it fits your brand. You can pick an accent color that defines links, buttons and header color, add your logo, add a header background image and pick a layout.

So the process is as simple as:

1. Write knowledge base articles

Timelapse tweak

2. Choose an accent color, upload a logo and pick a layout

Timelapse tweak

3. Get this

Timelapse tweak